Yves Auberson, who am I!

Born March 6, 1969 in Geneva. Son of Maya and Bernard AUBERSON. As a child, sports fields attracted me more than school class benches. I started a bit like all children by playing football, athletics, running and one day tennis that my parents had played at a high level in their youth. During my vacation in Villars, I had the opportunity to play golf and it was love at first sight immediately. From then on, I only thought about playing Golf, I thought Golf, I lived Golf. Registration at the Golf de Bonmont in 1984, I was then 15 years old. At 17 I confirm my place in the Swiss junior team. Two years later, I won the title of Swiss junior champion and signed a Professional contract for five years.

Beginning of my professional golf career in 1989, I am 20 years old. Creation of the Roal Oak Team with the main sponsor of the Audemars Piguet watches. I find myself on the European Challenge Tour circuit for 8 years. Australia, USA and Europe, beautiful years and beautiful memories. Despite several titles and victories at the Swiss level and my selection in the Swiss Golf Team, I fail to break through at the international level. So I bowed out in 1997 and then found a 50% job in a life insurance company. This allows me to continue playing tournaments in Switzerland and abroad.

In 1997, I opened with my father, a real estate agency ( SEVY SA ), specializing in timber frame houses. We are in the right place, at the right time and we are making a splash. In 1999, I set up a Golf event company with a friend (travel, competitions, team building, etc.). Unfortunately, one morning in September, two towers fell and the world changed. 2004, first symptoms, trembling of the arm, loss of smell and depressive state, the perfect Parkinson’s cocktail. At first we don’t know, we don’t pay attention, we find excuses. But the years go by and the disease progresses. We feel that there is something wrong, so we make an appointment with a neurologist and there the diagnosis is clear … Parkinson’s disease!

At first we tell ourselves that they may have been wrong, because things are not going badly in the end. We settle in a kind of denial, but it does not last and we quickly arrive at the question “Should we say it or not?” “Many do not say it, it is a choice, I decided to say it and play card on the table. I left my company the following month and stopped everything. Everything was going to change, my life will not be what I imagined and the things I wanted to do may never be possible. It was a huge shock for my wife and I. We quickly made the decision to drop everything and go around the world with our backpacks with our two children, 5 and 11 years old.

It took us almost two years to set up this trip. Sell ​​the house, the cars, quit, suspend the kids’ school, find a roof for our cat, settle the paperwork, taxes, insurance and find someone to take care of our mail for a year. It was a hell of a job but if it was to be done again I would leave tomorrow. People say that a long journey changes people. It’s true, there would be so much to tell after a year-long trip. I left with lots of questions and came back with a lot of answers. But above all I returned to Switzerland with the conviction of knowing which way to take for my future.

November 2011: opening of my sports coaching center “Sabai Dee” (which means “Welcome” in Laos). After six months the center is fully booked and I am very proud of it! March 2013, my wife files for divorce. At the time, I did not understand, my world collapsed but after, a faith that the time to pass, I understood and I thanked him for having the courage to leave me because it was the only and best thing to do for her, for the kids and for me. Our roads were no longer going in the same direction. After crossing the desert, I met Delphine, we will stay together for five years, years full of bicycle trips, mountain hikes, trails, we lived at top speed, very fast, too fast . Our couple couldn’t bear it!

August 2018: I’m on the brink of death. A scooter accident that could have been dramatic, got off the road in a 90 km / h turn and I ended up under the slide with two broken ribs, two broken collarbones, a pneumothorax, and a pulmonary hemorrhage. It took four days to be operated on (the longest four days of my life). When I got home, again I took the time to think it over, I had an incredible chance of coming out of it, and that may be a sign that something has to change again. Until I find the answers to my questions again, here are the three resolutions taken since my accident…

  • Stop bothering with trivial things and get straight to the point
  • Living as if tomorrow could be the last day of my life
  • Don’t bother me with things that haven’t happened yet

2020: Thank you once again to my friends Jérôme, Michel, Claude and Luc for investing in this project with such determination. Thanks also to EPFL and the ORCA Production company who were immediately interested in this adventure. I hope that upon my return I can carry out my new life project with people affected by this disease and I am convinced that this walk in the Alps will bring me if not all the answers, a good part of between them. I look forward to living this adventure and will be very happy to share it with you…

– Yves Auberson